Lethbridge Contractor

Contracting services for the residential housing, renovation, and landscaping markets in Lethbridge and surrounding areas.

Small Projects

We have experienced staff that can take care of the smaller projects, whether you need handyman services, a deck, a fence, or anything else contact us for more information.

Large Projects

On larger projects, that involve multiple trades, we work on a cost-plus fee basis. You pay the trades and suppliers directly at our discounted rates. We do this to be transparent and to protect you from liens. Our services usually end up costing less than or are equivalent to what you would expect to pay hiring a general contractor--but without any of the risk. We have established our NO WORRY PROGRAM to look out for your interests and ensure that your project is a success in every way.

Conceptual Phase

At the conceptual phase we can assist you in designing your space, developing plans, and creating blueprints.

Planning Phase

During the planning phase we take care of the necessary permits, perform a safety and risk assessment, obtain multiple quotes and determine the costs, and then develop a schedule. We involve you in the process along the way, you ultimately decide who will perform the work.

Construction Phase

When the construction begins we supervise the work and make sure the site is organized, clean and safe. We monitor and control daily work to ensure that it meets budget, schedule, quality plans, and building codes. We also verify and approve progress invoices as they come in. Most importantly we keep you updated on the progress of the project.


This is the part where you get to enjoy the final product. We do a final inspection and turn over copies of all the documentation and warranties.

What We Do