Our goal is to protect your interests and make sure things are done right the first time and that is why we have developed our No-Worry Program based on the following principles.


We are in our 14th year in business in Alberta and in all that time we have never had one complaint to the Better Business Bureau (BBB). That means something to us. We have fulfilled every contract we have entered into, and there have been many. We base our business on honesty and integrity at all levels and in all relationships.

No Money Down

No deposits and no money down (except for special order items). Gone are the days of the fly-by-night contractor. Invoicing is done in stages after the work is complete or the material has been delivered.

No Surprises

On larger projects, involving multiple trades, we work on a cost plus fee basis and you pay the trades and suppliers directly. We do this to be transparent to to protect you from liens (see below). There are no extra charges. All changes are discussed and signed off on before the work commences or continues. The bottom line is you won't be surprised when you receive the final bill.

No Liens

Because you pay the trades and suppliers directly your property will never be liened after you have paid for the work. Unfortunately there are some disreputable general contractors out there who don't pay the suppliers and sub-contractors after they have received payment from the homeowner. In those situations the only recourse for the disgruntled trades and suppliers is to lien the property and seek reparation from the homeowner--the home owner ends up paying twice for the same work. Our system ensures that will never happen to you.


We stand behind our warranty. We offer a full one year warranty on top of the respective, manufacturer, trade, and supplier warranties.


Quality Workmanship, Expert Craftspeople, Professional Service. We have the skill and expertise to perform any project, large of small.


We're not ashamed to admit it...we're picky! Well, we prefer to say we're 'detail oriented'. It is very important to us that your project is done right. Not only do we value your satisfaction but also we take pride in the finished product. A quality product is the best tribute possible to our company.


We don't cut corners or ignore safety precautions. Our safety program is designed to protect our workers AND your family and property. We will always conduct a risk assessment on every project.


Our trades are hand picked, friendly and respectful. We clean up behind us. We'll take care of your property and minimize the impact of the project on your daily life. We recognize that it's your home and we'll treat it as such.


You will always be able to make contact with us by phone, fax or email. We return all messages and attend to your concerns promptly. You will know what to expect and when. We keep you in the loop and involve you in the process!

We Deliver

No, not pizza (sorry). Promises! We deliver on our promises. We'll do what we say we're going to do. You can rely on Lethbridge Renovations and Landscapes. We will go the extra mile.